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Afterschool Class


afterschool 1

This class is designed for children who are kindergarten ages and new to learning English. In the class, the students learn how to read and write alphabets in upper and lower cases. The students will also be able to introduce themselves, understand simple words, and respond to simple phrases as they get used to the sound of English through singing songs or playing games.


afterschool 2

This class aims to help students to learn and recognize the sound of alphabets and understand that a word consists of alphabet combination. The class emphasizes not only improving the students’ writing skills, but also their reading skills. Students also learn basic grammar and rules for writing sentences. We will also have a free conversation time, which enables the students to acquire basic communication skills.


afterschool 3

This class introduces complex phonics in order to reinforce the students’ reading and writing skills. We assist the students to enhance their four basic English skills, namely, listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Children learn how to read and write familiar and necessary words and phrases for everyday use. Overall, we aim to help the students start to express themselves with more confidence in English.


afterschool 4

This class allows students to learn more complex grammar and phonics.
We provide students with opportunities to apply knowledge and skills they have learned and develop their skills for expressing and asserting themselves through conducting research or giving presentation.


Active English

This class aims to help the students to become expressive and confident in speaking English naturally through fun activities, such as crafts and games. English level equivalent to Afterschool 3 class is required.


We provide private lessons for children to adults with the teacher and student ratio of 1 to 1 or 2. We will provide a lesson tailored to the student’s individual level, based on desired skills and personal interests. Tutorial lessons are also available.

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