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Afterschool Class

Kindergarten Beginner 1 (Kindergarten Ages and Up)

This is a class geared toward children who are kindergarten age and up or are ready to start learning English. The children can learn simple words, phrases and greetings through songs, games and various activities in the native English-speaking teacher’s lesson. They can also learn how to write alphabet in the Japanese teacher’s lesson.


Kindergarten Beginner 2 (Kindergarten Ages and Up )

In this class, we have a ‘show and tell’ time and encourage the children to communicate proactively in English. We also nurture their interest in English sounds and letters by teaching them alphabet and phonics. We aim to develop their overall English comprehension and communication skills instead of having them learn English passively by repeating sentences.


Kindergarten Beginner 3 (Kindergarten Ages and Up )

Elementary Basic (Elementary Ages and Up)

We develop the students’ English communication skills mainly through a presentation time which enables them to practice expressing their thoughts and feelings to other students. By learning phonics’ rules gradually, they can start reading new words and try reading a short story. We introduce them to simple grammar and aim to lay strong foundations in their English-learning


Elementary Intermediate (Elementary Ages and Up)

The Japanese teacher will help the students resolve questions by providing grammar lessons. Their communication skills develop as they learn in detail how to construct sentences and use phrases. We will reinforce the students’ ability to express their ideas confidently through our ‘Presentation’ time.

Elementary Advanced (Elementary Ages and Up)

Students learn advanced phonics and grammar in order to develop the 4 skills of speaking, listening, reading and writing equally. Through our ‘Debate’ section, they acquire skills to express their opinions, exchange ideas and discuss various topics with one another. Our goal is for the students to not only learn English, but to be able to use it as a communication tool.



Private Class

We provide private lessons for children to adults with the teacher and student ratio of 1 to 1 or 2. We will provide a lesson tailored to the student’s individual level, based on desired skills and personal interests.


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