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Requesting school information

Please contact us by phone or our website’s communication form.


Making a reservation for a trial class

Please feel free to call us to make a reservation to participate in a free trial class.


Participating in a free trial class

Please participate in a desired class. A class provides programs such as singing songs, making crafts and doing other fun activities.


Registering for school membership and enrollment

An interested participant may apply for membership registration and enrollment in classes by filling out an application form.

Participating in a free trial class


We look forward to meeting you and your child!

Arriving at school

All children except Hopping with Mommy participants will be dropped off at school for their classes. Some children may cry at the time of arrival, but please be assured that our English-speaking teachers and Japanese bilingual staff will make sure to assist them.

Participating in the class

A class program includes singing songs, making crafts and other fun activities. The teacher communicates to them that they are welcomed in the class.

Our goal of the day

We desire to help children experience the joy of communicating in English.
When children enter a classroom, they may be intrigued by unfamiliar signs and materials. We value and nurture children’s interests and curiosity.

Pick-up time

The class teacher and bilingual assistant give guardians the class program’s summary and comments on their children’s participation.

Thank you for visiting us!

Please be assured that there is no obligation to enroll in our school after participating in a trial class.
It is our joy to see a child who has arrived crying, smiling or having become close to the teacher when they leave school.
We hope our trial class allows guardians to glimpse their children’s growth.


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