Swim! Swim! Fun!!


CREW Internationalの幼児クラス Stepping FunJumping with Friends では毎週水曜日にスイミングレッスンを行ないます。


CREW InternationalのSwim! Swim! Fun!!で英語もスイミングも身につけましょう♪

Phrases include…

・It’s time for swimming.(スイミングの時間よ)

・Let’s stretch for warm-up.(準備運動をしよう)

・Splash! Splash! (パシャパシャ!)

・Kick! Kick!(バシャバシャ!バタ足)

・Let’s put our face in the water!(お顔を水に浸けてみよう)

・Let’s swim with the kick board! (ビート板で遊ぼう)

・Please dry your body with the towel.(しっかりタオルで体を拭いてね)

・You have to change your clothes here.(ここで着替えてね)

※スイミングレッスンはStepping Fun または Jumping with Friendsを週2回以上受講で受けられます。


Let’s learn English and Swimming together!

  • Stepping Fun and Jumping with Friends classes offer swimming lessons on Wednesdays.
  • We collaborate with the Tap Swimming School, which is committed to providing safe lessons and the most trusted and famous swimming school in our area.
  • Communication skills will be developed through building a trusting relationship with the instructors, challenging new things and experiencing a sense of achievement. English phrases that a child has learned using both their body and mind will surely become a part of them.

The swimming lesson will enable children to perceive the English language not as something difficult, but as a communication tool.

Let’s enjoy learning both English and swimming through our program ‘’Swim! Swim! Fun!’’.

Useful Phrases include…

  • ・It’s time for swimming.
  • ・Let’s stretch for warm-up.
  • ・Splash! Splash! 
  • ・Kick! Kick!
  • ・Let’s put our face in the water!
  • ・Let’s swim with the kick board! 
  • ・Please dry your body with the towel.
  • ・You have to change your clothes here.

※ Swimming lesson will be available to students who take either Stepping Fun or Jumping with Friends class more than twice a week.


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