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This class is designed for mothers and children together. A native English speaking teacher will be a guide and introduce very simple songs and various activities for both mothers and children. Exposure to English at this age will build a foundation that will be valuable in the future.


fresh hop

This is a first step for the children as they are away from their mothers. Children will observe the unique rhythm and sound of English naturally through songs, movements and craft activities. As a preparatory class for preschool, this class is the place where children will start to become independent, learn to interact with others and gain confidence.

fresh step

This program is the next step towards Preschool. It will be broaden their horizon and encourage them be a member of an international society.




This class fosters the familiarity and interest of English by immersing children in a full preschool day with native English speaking teachers and friends.Along with a monthly theme, children will sing songs, dance, go for walks, play games, read books and make crafts.We provide a total English environment identical to a typical preschool class in English-speaking countries.


Preschool JUMP

Pre-Jump is an advanced class for children who have been studying English for more than a year. Children practice reading and writing based on a monthly theme, and are exposed to English more by learning basic concepts lithe the alphabet, characters, numbers, shapes and also through conducting simple science experiments. (Children who attend 2 days per week or more and with at least 1 year of English experience.)



つくば市のCREW International(クルーインターナショナル)では、レッスンの見学や無料体験レッスンを開催しております。

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