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Morning Class

Hopping with Mommy (0.5-2yrs)

This is a 40-minute lesson where moms and their children can enjoy reading story books together with a native English-speaking teacher. By being exposed to an English-speaking environment, the children can get used to English sounds. Japanese bilingual staff will also be present during the lesson.  


Stepping Fun (1.5-3yrs)

This class allows children to take their first steps into an English world without their parents for the first time. They will be dancing to English songs, enjoying craft-making and other activities with different seasonal themes. The class aims to assist children with understanding simple words and phrases for daily conversation as they enjoy interacting with friends and the teacher. This is a beginner’s class that is a level before Jumping with Friends class. 


Jumping with Friends (4-6yrs)

We aim to assist children with learning and acquiring simple conversational phrases through fun activities with different seasonal themes, craft-making, story time, songs and park-time. We assist children with learning daily routines of taking care of themselves, self-discipline and nurture their curiosity and compassion. Children will be encouraged to proactively communicate or conduct activities in English. 


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